Automotive Aftermarket – the accelerated shift to digitalisation

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Automotive Aftermarket – the accelerated shift to digitalisation

‘Digital transformation’ is a term that you may have heard banded around quite a lot recently, but what does it actually mean and why is it suddenly so important?

Let’s start by looking at what digital transformation is and putting it into context.

Digital transformation is the digitalisation of a process. For example, taking physical information, such as a phone call telling a customer ‘this car has a broken suspension spring’, and transforming that information into a digital medium, i.e. making a short, personalised video to better illustrate the problem. You can then send that personalised video to the customer so that they can clearly see the issue and fully understand the need for repair. You have now digitised this process and overall customer experience.  The result of which is digital transformation.

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So why is digitalisation more relevant today than ever before?

The pandemic has merely accelerated a shift in mind set and process that was regarded by many as inevitable.  A recent study of over 9,000 c-suite execs by McKinsey & Company showed that Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation by seven years!

Change is being driven largely by the rapid transformation in how customers prefer to engage, linked to their widespread adoption of digital communications across all aspects of their personal and work life.  Therefore, there is a greater and more pressing need for the automotive industry to ‘think digital’ – offering the same services to their customers, but drawing on the readily available data and technology to ensure they can differentiate themselves from the competition.

Thanks to innovation in technology, this doesn’t mean abandoning the personalised service and customer relationship-building that has served the industry so well for so long. It means adopting flexible, programmatic tools that help engage customers automatically, but still on a personal level and taking account of their particular circumstances and needs. 

Personalised customer videos are a great way to combine the personal experience with the digital expectations of today’s consumer and ultimately, improving the overall customer experience.

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