Berry’s Jewellers – Enhancing the retail customer experience through innovation and personalisation

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Berry’s Jewellers – Enhancing the retail customer experience through innovation and personalisation



Berry’s Jewellers is an independent, family-owned jewellers established in 1897. Berry’s is known for the superior quality of our jewellery and attention to detail. Founded in 1897 with shops in Scarborough and Southport. Five generations later, we have expanded and developed the business with ten branches in Leeds, Hull, Newcastle, Nottingham, the historic Cities of York and Windsor and we also have our dedicated Omega Boutique and Breitling Concept stores in Leeds. With further expansion on the close horizon, we want to innovate in these changing times for Luxury retail and cater for today’s style of omnichannel shopping.


As a leading, innovative jeweller and watch retailer, we were looking to:

1. Further enhance our customer experience by offering a seamless and frictionless personalised experience in store, online and across multiple devices

2. Get ahead of the competition by offering a truly innovative and yet convenient way of showcasing the Berry’s brand and luxury jewellery and watch range


We worked with PECUVi to develop a dedicated retail version of their market leading automotive solution, ‘My Sales Trust’, which allows car dealers to quickly and easily create, track and send personalised customer videos.

We felt that their dedicated Retail Solution had all the features a retailer, such as Berry’s Jewellers would require; from the simple and intuitive user interface of the solution, to the required customer interaction and calls to action, each element was created with our discerning end customers in mind.


Berry’s now has a market leading solution across its portfolio of 10 stores, enabling them to send 100’s of branded and hyper personalised customer videos every month.  We are now creating unforgettable customer experiences regardless of whether the customer is at home, work, in store or on the move, with a great percentage of personalised videos leading to either a sale or further touchpoint.

The solution also showcases the Berry’s professional look and feel throughout the entire customer journey, be that sales, a general customer service enquiry or even to show off their in-store facilities.  

Our Testimonial

“As a luxury, high class jewellers who is all about personal service, the adoption of PECUVi Retail is a natural extension of our customer experience and a great tool to go above and beyond.  Our customers want to see our products, know about them and buy them quickly!  I see this video solution as the perfect way of selling diamonds and jewellery, showing customers how it looks on the hand, wrist or the neck without them having to physically come in store.  It offers the best of both worlds. 

The solution gives our customers complete confidence that they are buying from a knowledgeable and reputable store, and gives us the opportunity to show off the amazing surroundings we have in our VIP room in Leeds for example.  Nowadays you have to innovate and keep ahead of the pack, so if you retail luxury items, this is a great way of getting your brand (and the products you stock) seen by customers in a professional and innovative way.” 

Simon Oxby R J Dip, Group Operations Manager, Berry’s Jewellers 

PECUVi narrative

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated demand for digital customer engagement delivered in a truly personalised way.  Our dedicated retail solution has been developed alongside leading UK retailers and luxury brands. 

“Whether you are a small independent retailer, department store or a global chain, our solution enables you to create unforgettable, hyper personalised customer experiences anytime, anywhere in just a matter of minutes.

“Built upon the tried and tested video technology of our other solutions from the last 6 years, PECUVi Retail delivers the same hyper personalised customer experience and is already proving to turn online enquiries into sales and physical viewings.”

Ben Smith, Director and Co-Founder at PECUVi

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