Business is booming!

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Business is booming!

“Because of My Service Trust business is booming!”

We had a very rewarding trip up to Stirling in Scotland recently to see how long-term customer, Kilgannon Motors was getting on with My Service Trust.

Kilgannon Motors is run by Jamie Kilgannon, who has over 35 years experience in the industry, of which the last 28 years have been spent running his own business. He started from very humble beginnings with a single ramp in a small garage. Since then, Jamie has worked tirelessly to build up his business and reputation from that of a small family business into the successful enterprise that we see today.

We first met Jamie about two years ago, one cold damp October afternoon following a referral by local sales rep, Duncan Davidson from Dingbro, who runs the ServiceSure concept in Scotland. Jamie was keen to explore new technology that would help put him on a level playing field with the main dealers and improve his customer experience and satisfaction… we had just the thing!

The My Service Trust Personalised Customer Video solution has enabled us to grow.

Jamie recently said “If you have any aspirations of growing your business, you’ve got to think forward, you’ve got to think where the customers are coming from, whether that’s a main dealer, or an independent, that’s your competition! How do you make yourself stand out?

“We are now in an era where if you don’t utilise the modern technology that is at your fingertips, and use it in a proper manner, then you’re not running your business properly. I can assure you, if you invest in this (My Service Trust) properly and put a process in place, you will find your efficiencies go up, your retention goes up, customer satisfaction goes up, but most importantly to your business, your profits will go up too.”

Jamie’s new premises are an ex-Skoda main dealership in the heart of the community. Ironically, in the very building Jamie started his apprenticeship 35 years ago. Back then, the building was smaller and owned by an independent, but now the new premises have been expanded and boast five service bays, an MOT bay, a valeting bay (for his car sales business) and a modern showroom and reception for both his garage and dealership customers to be welcomed with open arms.

During the first three months of sending videos, Jamie’s parts spend with his local motor factor went up by 30%. He now employs 14 staff to service and repair his customers’ vehicles and is building up the car sales side of the business too, for which he has taken advantage of our My Sales Trust video solution.

Jamie said “Since we invested in My Service Trust, we’re looking at a 15-20% uplift in the business it gives us and we turnover more than £500k. So 15% of half a million turnover is a very-very good return on investment!”

Ben Smith, co-founder of Smart Garage Solutions said “It is immensely satisfying to see our customers not just surviving, but thriving in these challenging and disruptive times. Jamie’s commitment to embracing our video solution to provide his customers with the experience and the convenience that they now expect is proof that this technology can genuinely grow your business.

“There are many challenges facing the sector at the moment, and with over 70% of main dealers cashing in on the lack of awareness amongst independents of this technology, I think garages who don’t embrace this and other customer centric technologies, will start to feel the pinch and increase the chances of them going out of business.

Watch the video below to find out more about how Jamie and the team at Kilgannon are reaping the benefits of personalised customer videos.

You can sign up to a free 30-day trial of My Service Trust here.

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