Creating business resilience and success through video

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Creating business resilience and success through video

We are in truly unprecedented times.  The Global reset switch has been pressed and the coming months/years that lie ahead will be challenging, uncertain and very different to say the least!

All businesses now find themselves on an even keel and the reputation/customer loyalty that once separated the elite market leaders from the competition is now increasingly under threat.  The question most businesses are asking themselves is how long will the effects of this pandemic be felt? And, how (in this new global, socially distant society) will we win over consumer confidence and trust to ensure they continue to come to us?

We all need to embrace the heavily accelerated digital revolution that is happening right before our eyes, in order to become resilient and fit for the future.  Technology is no longer a nice to have but instead will be critical as we strive to make our businesses relevant both now and in the years ahead.  Across the world, millions of businesses are changing the way that they operate and communicate in order to safeguard their people and reassure their customers.

Video is playing a leading role in this revolution, with the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp all launching enhanced features and seeing an unprecedented amount of new daily/weekly subscribers.  Many video solutions have also struggled to cope under the pressure of increased usage/streaming or the demand for new accounts.  The way in which consumers are communicating and how they expect to be communicated to is changing…and fast!

Property Agents have now turned to video, enabling homeowners, landlords and tenants to film their own properties on a mobile phone and send the video quickly and easily to their agent’s email which arrives hosted and ready for marketing.  Large retail groups like B&Q have also utilised video to showcase new safety measures and help reassure customers before visiting their stores.  Feedback and consumer engagement has been strong due to the ease, simplicity and convenience of video.  Video now looks set to become a staple across many industries.

Have you thought about how video can play that vital role in your business to ensure customers feel safe and considered when dealing with you? 

Right now, our My Service Trust personalised customer video solution, is helping independent workshops and fast fits across the UK, both safeguard their employees and provide a critical social distancing measure for their customers.  We are committed to helping workshops to remain open and provide the confidence and peace of mind your customers need in order to service their car with you!

Find out how PECUVi can put you on the digital path and help you own your customers through the power of video.


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