PECUVi are here to help workshops maintain ‘business as normal’

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PECUVi are here to help workshops maintain ‘business as normal’

At a time when the government has advised us all to exercise extreme caution with regards to social (physical) distancing, we need to utilise all the available tools, resources and technology to continue ‘business as normal’ in a safe and efficient way.

None of us know exactly just how long this will last, it could be weeks, months or even longer! It is therefore critical that all businesses, not only those in our sector, but everyone, accept, adapt and evolve in order to create a sustainable business that is future proofed to ride out the storm.

One such change we can all do right now is to utilise already proven and available technology in the market to protect our business, our people and our customers. Video is a readily available media that can be quickly and easily implemented today! To help make your customers feel safe, whilst also creating safer internal processes for you and your employees.  Removing any and all unnecessary risk.

Here’s just a few ways in which video can help in these unprecedented and trying times;

Safeguarding the Customer – Video allows you to send clear and concise evidence of any work required; urgent or advisory, direct to your customers’ pockets, making it easy for them to see and authorise the work without the need to be physically stood under their vehicle and within touching distance of your technicians.

Safeguarding your Employees – The video also allows you, as the business owner, to implement safeguarding measures within your own workshop. Once your technician has created and uploaded a video, you can then watch it remotely! This removes the need to be face-to-face under the vehicle with your technician as they can explain the issues through video, helping you both maintain a safe working distance.  It also prevents the chance of any customers inadvertently passing on the virus to your technicians, resulting in a minimum 14 day absence of your key people.

Flexibility, comfort and choice for your customers – As more of us either choose to or are forced to self-isolate, we will become more reliant on our car as our ‘safe space’ for travel as we avoid the risks associated with public transport. Until we are passed this state of isolation phase, video will allow for contactless, remote servicing by creating a direct line of detailed, visual communication with the customer. Video also allows you to demonstrate the level of hygiene measures taken to sanitise vehicles after servicing in preparation for customer collection/drop off.  All of which, removes the need for the customer to leave their home!

Future proofing your business – There will no doubt be challenging times ahead for all of us, so it is necessary to do all that you can to make your business safe, accessible and open for business. As the purse strings will inevitably tighten, it is important to give your customers confidence that only work that really needs carrying out is being done. Video does this and also helps to enhance your overall customer service experience, creating loyalty and trust at a time when the customer needs and values it most.  Once the crisis is over, you will be remembered for the actions you took!

At PECUVi, video is what we do and in these unprecedented circumstances we want to give a little back to the sector. We understand that any extra spend right now needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, so to help, new customers are no longer required to purchase our Sign Up Kit if you don’t want to, that’s a massive instant saving of £299. Instead, you can just use your own Apple device be that an iPhone, iPod, or iPad instead.

Sound appealing? Get started today! Visit to find out more and to create an account. The system is very easy and intuitive to use and it only takes a few minutes to set up. No formal training is required, you can do it all from the website or we can help you over the phone if you prefer.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to you, your team and your respective families at this extremely difficult time.  Stay safe.

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