PECUVi make their software available on all Apple iOS devices to assist Workshops and Dealerships with social distancing

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PECUVi make their software available on all Apple iOS devices to assist Workshops and Dealerships with social distancing

PECUVi, a leading provider of personalised video solutions has today announced that in order to support Workshops and Car Dealerships across Europe, they have made their software available on all Apple iOS devices. This is an attempt to quickly roll out their software to enable Workshops to implement social distancing and conduct ‘contactless servicing’, whilst also enabling Dealerships to quickly react to website enquiries with a video presentation.

In these unprecedented circumstances we are all living in, the Management team at PECUVi looked at what they could do to try and help the sector. It was clear that Workshops and Dealerships needed to continue to trade to survive, whist at the same time safeguarding both their customers and employees. By sending the customer a video, this introduced social distancing and limited the amount of face-to-face interaction required. It enables a true ‘contactless service’ in a Workshop, whilst ensuring the customer still remains fully informed on what work needs carrying out. Similarly, in a Dealership, a customer can receive a video featuring all the details of a potential new car, without being present. 

To help many of these businesses the decision was made to make some changes to the software so that the customer could use the software on their own Apple devices, removing the need to buy the sign-up kit that usually costs £299, an up-front payment many may not be able to invest in at present.

Ben Smith, Director and Co-Founder commented, “The safeguarding of customers and employees is at the forefront of many Workshops and Dealership owners’ minds and at present video is the perfect way to implement social distancing. It was clear to us that video could really help under these unprecedented circumstances and we needed to do whatever we could for the sector, and fast! So, we implemented some changes to the sign up process to make the solution available on all Apple devices, which removed the initial set-up cost barrier giving more Workshops and Dealerships access to video, immediately.”

Video is just one of the measures that is being used to safeguard Workshops and Dealerships. With many Dealerships now closing their doors to passing trade, the internet is where business is continuing to be done. However, many Workshops are continuing to keep their doors open to undertake emergency repairs, keeping key workers, the emergency services and delivery drivers on the move, these really are the unsung heroes!

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